TL;DR It's super easy to fake Tweets to put words in their mouth. Don't spread fake Tweets.

Fake news starts with twisting the truth, usually just enough to reinforce stereotypes and generate outrage. Why outrage? Outrage grabs our attention and raises the signal to spread a meme.

Memes (meems) are more than just some text in Impact font across a funny image. It's an idea that spreads from person to person, creating culture and paradigms as they grow.

You've probably seen lots of screenshots from Twitter and Facebook stoking outrage the last few months, and I want to share why you should pretty much ignore every screenshot you see where people can share their thoughts.

Check out this tweet from @Patriots:

Now, here's a screenshot I made using the same Tweet and browser developer tools:
Made up tweet from @Patriots

All the likes and retweets stay in place, and I got to put words in Tom Brady's mouth. To be fair to Tom, I'll do the same thing to one of my tweets too. 😂

I'd never diss Whataburger