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2018: The Year of "What's Next?"

2017 was a year of big changes for our family. We welcomed our third, and final šŸ˜„, sweet baby to this world in May. Jen lost her appendix. The older kids moved classrooms at their Montessori school, which only happens every few years. And then, we capped the year with one last really big change.

November 30th was my last day at Wildbit. It was a mutual decision for me to set sail from the familiar surroundings and safe harbor of Wildbit, and look to find the next place to weigh anchor and make a work home. My goal is to find a place where I can put my experience marketing SaaS products to use mentoring and leading a team focused on growing a great product. I'm also open to talking about how my skills could help grow a different type of business, but my goal is to help lead a team focused on marketing.

What's next?

If your team, or someone you know, is looking for someone to help with marketing strategy and execution, I'd love to talk. Hit me up on Twitter or LinkedIn.

You can see some of my work and find my resume on my work page.

Thanks for your help

If you're reading this, more than likely we're friends, and if we're not friends yet I hope we'll be friends soon. Thanks for reading along and any thoughts you might have.

One quick word if we see each IRL, don't ask me how the job search is going in front of my kids. We've worked really hard for them to not worry during this transition. As a kid, my dad had a really bad car wreck when I was 8 and I spent enough time worried about work and money then that I want to try and protect my kids from that same worry if I can.

I'm more than happy to talk about what's new and how my search is going, and I really appreciate you helping me to talk to them about this transition once it's settled and not while it's going on.