Hey, I'm Shane and shanerice.com is where I share the things I've learned about marketing, sales, writing, and being a better communicator since starting my career ten years ago.

What I do

I work at Wildbit, where I help get the word out about DeployBot. When I graduated college I had no idea what I wanted to do, and little by little I learned the skills that helped land me a job I love.

We get one shot at telling the best story possible with our lives, and I'm convinced being challenged in your work is an important part of a fulfilling story.

Even the best job is only part of a fulfilled life, and I find the thing that makes me happiest is spending my time with my family. Tickle fights, playtime mediation, and dinner-time picnics are just a few of the things that fill my time these days. When I'm not doing any of those things, I like to read, play games, and geek out about Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars.

My weird 3rd person bio

You've probably seen a ton of 'about' pages written in a really awkward (to me at least) third person voice. C'mon, we all know the person writing everything else on the blog wrote that mini-Seinfeld episode. Because I still love a good Seinfeld re-run after all these years, here goes.


Shane Rice works at Wildbit, where he works in marketing on all of their products with a special focus on DeployBot. Before Wildbit, Shane worked at AppRiver where he started in customer support before taking on a technical marketing role. He focused on search engine marketing and marketing technology, and helped increase traffic from organic search visits by 106% during his tenure.

Shane was born in Florida, grew up in Texas, and lives in Florida again where's married to Jen and raising two kids. He loves reading, especially comic books and sci-fi, playing video games, and hearing or telling a good side-splitting storytelling.