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Share what you know

Share what you know

Yesterday my friend Matt mentioned he wanted a simple way to share a song or album with his friends regardless of what music service they use.

Sometime this year, I went on a quest to find a similar tool and found Songwhip. I thought about sharing the site with him, but I hesitated. Maybe he already knew about it or was looking for something a little different. I sent him the link to see if it was what he wanted.

This exchange made me think about how important it is to share what we know. Matt could've spent the time to find Songwhip on his own, or since he's a developer, he could've built a web app to do this work. By sharing what I knew, I saved him at the least the time it would've taken to search for something like Songwhip.

With so much knowledge at my fingertips, I tend to assume everyone knows the things I know or can find the info they like I did.

And maybe they do know, or go search on their own. Do your best to add knowledge, listen when people share their experience, and you'll help the world be a little bit brighter.