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Who do we want to be?

This thread chokes me up, you'll need to click through to catch it all.

It's one tiny piece of a much bigger story, but it hits me hard as I watch my newborn sleep. I'm thankful our kids are healthy

The other day I heard a snippet of conversation between a couple of retirees in a store. One guy was telling his friend about a procedure he needed and about how much it cost. "They told me it cost $45,000, but Medicare will pay for all of it."

I'm all for that dude getting the care he needs, but we live in a pretty conservative part of our country and I couldn't help but wonder how the person who said this feels about making sure everyone can enjoy that same level of care.

There's nothing perfect in any system, but shrugging our shoulders and saying "It's too expensive to keep your kid alive" in a country where orphan drugs are bought up specifically to squeeze people who depend on them for life does not make us great in any way.