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Food allergies, meet technology

Both our kids have food allergies, and our oldest has such a severe reaction to milk we carry Epi-Pens everywhere. We are all thankful we've never had an event that required we use them, but since she's in early elementary school she'd never be able to give herself an injection.

The last time we needed to update her prescription our pediatrician asked my wife if she'd heard of the Auvi-Q. It was completely new to both of us. Jen texted me about it, so I did a quick search and came across this video.

That's crazy! It's easy to see how many awesome changes have revolutinized lots of everyday products (think iPhones or Tesla) and forget how many are stuck at 'good enough.'

To quote Amy Hoy, "The things we use every day are so disgustingly terrible, there’s unending opportunity."

I'm really glad we can have Epi-Pens within arms reach at all times, but we needed to practice to prepare to use them. There's no way our daughter would be able to give them to herself, and a chance she'd have to wait for an ambulance if she had a reaction and we weren't around.

The Auvi-Q solves all of those problems. It's a great reminder that just because something is functional, it doesn't mean it can't be better.

Now we just have to get our insurance to pay for it. :-)