This thread chokes me up, you'll need to click through to catch it all. I'd like to talk about this comment I found on a friend's FB post for a moment if I may. Because I am heartbroken that people feel this way.

If you speak Spanish, you know "pinche loco mujeres" means something like "f^!%$*# crazy women." It's not a kind thing to say in general, and yet if I throw this out in casual conversation to a friend of mine we immediately understand it as part of

I grew up around guns. One of my earliest memories of a gun is when my dad's friend Pepe came to visit us when I was around four years old. We lived in a trailer on 8 acres of land, and about a hundred feet from behind our home was

Earlier today, I read an article from my friends at LessEverything on how they track links. UTM links are a great way to track how your campaigns are performing, and build on your successful campaigns over time. There's one pitfall many people fall into when using them: They include campaign