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Pull list for July 8th, 2015

The Star Wars relaunch released by Marvel Comics earlier this year revived a forgotten personal ritual: the pilgrimage to my local comic shop for new comic Wednesday. Reading may be its own reward, but reading with friends is a communion it is good to increase.

In pursuit of that spirit of togetherness, I think it would be fun to start sharing my pull list each week.

We Stand on Guard

We Stand On Guard

This one is late, but let's start with my favorite book from last week.

I will give anything Brian K. Vaughan writes a chance. From Y: The Last Man, to Runaways, to his work on Lost, to Saga, he's delivered top-notch quality story after story.

His newest book, We Stand on Guard, is set 100 years in the future, after the United States has declared war on Canada to gain access to their most precious resource: water. The first issue sets up the premise and introduces us to a cast of Canadian freedom fighters taking on the drones and mechanized forces of the U.S.

Without a doubt, the best book I picked up last week.

Star Trek Green Lantern
Star Trek Green Lantern

This one wasn't on my radar, but taking a chance on this book purely based on the crossover possibilities. Hal Jordan going toe-to-toe with Captain Kirk? Spock explaining the Prime Directive to Guy Gardner? The entire premise could easily go sideways, or be a limited run of unadulterated fun.


This is the book I've been waiting for all summer. Lando is one of my favorite characters from Star Wars, and anytime he's given the spotlight I want to see what he's up to. Seeing him pop up on Rebels this year, and now this book, I've got my fingers crossed we'll be seeing Billy Dee as Lando on the big screen again soon.

Mad Max Fury Road: Max Part One
Mad Max

The Immorten Joe book was fantastic in May, and I forgot to pick up the Furiosa book last month. Reading reviews of the Furiosa chapter, it doesn't feel like I missed anything. Here's hoping the Max book is a step back in the right direction.

Master of Kung Fu
Master of Kung Fu

Secret Wars has been fantastic. If you aren't familiar with what's been happening, Marvel is rebooting their entire universe to simplify the back story for their characters. Because who hasn't picked up issue 647 of Amazing Spider-man and put it back down thinking "There's no way I'm reading all those back issues!"

I picked up a two Secret Wars tie-in books this week, and Master of Kung Fu has been my surprise favorite tie-in during this event. What's not to love about a mythical kung-fu kingdom governed by the champion of the Ten Rings, with the story bearing down on a father-son showdown in what appears to be an Apollo Creed vs. Rocky-style brawl?

That's right, there's nothing you wouldn't love about this book.

Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit

The other book I picked up this week without much clue of what to expect. JG Jones is an artist I've always enjoyed, and Mark Waid is the author of a bunch of story arcs I've been into. After skimming a review over at Ain't it Cool this morning I decided to give this one a try.

Now to read

Once I've had a chance to read everything I've mentioned here I'll report back with my impressions. Would love to hear from you on Twitter if you're reading any of these or just wanna talk comics.