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Something new for shanerice.com

The last couple of months I've been kicking around a few ideas for new projects around. I want to help people who are just starting their career avoid years of trail and error when it comes to their communication habits. My buddy Matt Stauffer encouraged me to use shanerice.com as the home for this project.

In the past I've written here, but it's been about whatever random topics strike my interest.

From now on, my plan is to publish one really great post per week here. I don't mean "OMG I just wrote 3000 words and hit publish" posts. No listicles or repackaging of other peoples hard work either. I'm talking about a post with a single thought, a big fat gold nugget of an idea, that you can take to the bank and build good habits around.

It's not perfect, and I don't plan on it ever getting there. Perfection isn't my goal. No, I want to connect and share things I've learned, and sometimes still need to learn, with you. Subscribe and I'll be sure to let you know when there's anything new here.