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Buddhist wisdom from today's Recomendo

Every week, I look forward to checking my email on Sunday for that week's edition of Recomendo. It's edited by Kevin Kelly, Cynthia Dixon, and Mark Frauenfelder, and they share things they love.

Take today's email. They shared laundry detergent sheets, an experiment in AI art, a collection of ChatGPT prompts, a hand crank LED Lantern, and an AI tool that makes book recommendations.

My favorite item today is a handful of lessons from Buddhist monks, it's full of helpful insight. These are the ones that stood out to Cynthia Dixon.

  • There are 3 layers to a moment: Your experience, your awareness of the experience, and your story about the experience. Be mindful of the story.
  • The moment before letting go is often when we grip the hardest.
  • There is no set of conditions that leads to lasting happiness. Lasting happiness doesn’t come from conditions; it comes from learning to flow with conditions.
  • The comfortable you become in your own skin, the less you need to manufacture the world around you for comfort.
  • Your mind doesn’t wander. It moves toward what it finds most interesting. If you want to focus better, become more curious about what's in front of you.
  • You cannot practice non-attachment. You can only show your mind the suffering that attachment creates. When it sees this clearly, it will let go
  • Monks love to fart while they meditate. The wisdom of letting go expresses itself in many forms.

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