I don't write as much as I would like. There are several reasons. The biggest one is wondering if what I have to say is valuable to everyone. As much as I want a large slice of the internet to celebrate all of my posts, I know that's unlikely. Even armed with that knowledge, I still struggle to sit down and publish something.

There are plenty of other reasons I don't publish much. Kids, work, stress, and a few other things I can't think of at the moment all contribute.

My friend Allan told me a story about his grandfather. He ran several restaurants and other businesses and died when Allan's dad was very young. His widow had no idea how to run any of their companies, but her husband took detailed notes on what it took to do everything each business needed. Notes on cleaning kitchen equipment, how much it costs to repair part of a building, all meticulous with step-by-step instructions.

She used those instructions to run those businesses and provided for herself and her children before successfully selling or passing on most of what her husband built.

Instead of treating my blog as a home for "important writing," I'm going to focus on documenting my experience, ideas, and what I enjoy. It will be something I can refer to, and maybe one day, my kids will laugh at how silly their old man could be.

Hopefully, a few other people will find what I have to say worthwhile. That's why I'm writing for myself.

Ron Swanson dancing via GIPHY