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Moving back to Ghost

Moving back to Ghost

I like to tinker, and the web is a great place to putter away learning new things, especially for a perpetual beginner coder like me. After spending some time learning a little about Gatsby last year, I decided to migrate shanerice.com site from Ghost to a Gatsby site hosted on Netlify.

During that time, I've fixed little things and drawn up big plans for what I wanted to build. Whenever I'd sit down to write a post, I'd spend all my time fidgeting with little odds and ends.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Chris Bowler shared he moved his site to Ghost.

The move to Ghost
It’s been a while in the making, but I finally finished the move to Ghost[https://ghost.org] this past week. Earlier this year, I started to have acouple of issues with Kirby. And since I was a couple of versions behind, thethought of paying for another license and updating was feeling like a cho…

Reading about his move made me think of all the things I liked about Ghost and take a look at how quickly I could get back to writing if I moved.

A couple of hours looking at and customizing themes, and I'm back on Ghost with a couple of drafts for new posts this week.